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    [Feira] How markets & Jobs in the Town Hall work


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    [Feira] How markets & Jobs in the Town Hall work

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      How markets & Jobs in the Town Hall work

      1. They reset every 10 minutes. It’s why a sale/job offer either seems to go fast or very slowly.

      2. Because it resets every 10 minutes, which means the same item can be bought/job can be applied for by multiple people. The person with the highest charisma will win the sale/get the job, if two people have the highest charisma the oldest one will win. Same with selling items for the same price.

      3. When an orange light is beside an item on the market that means one person is making a purchase. Red means 2 or more are trying to make the same purchase.

      Making a sale to a friend for a lower price:

      If you’re making a sale to a friend, it is recommended that you sell in this style:
      If you want to sell someone bread for 3 pounds list it at 9p, and have them list wood at 6p + the market price i.e. 3.75 + 6p. (Courteously of Jeroen234)


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