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    Mensagem  Admin em Seg Jan 02, 2012 8:29 am

      Oh me! Oh my! The world certainly has become a very busy place all of a sudden. This new revival in activity is wonderful to see and is exactly what was being aimed for when towns were closed and counties consolidated. As with all transitions, we are seeing both positive and negative effects. The positive effects that I see are the increased activity and renewed enthusiasm. I love to see this and would like to encourage more activity of this sort. Unfortunately, I also have to address the negative. I am going to put here a few reminders to all and I hope that this will help you maintain this new vibrancy without alienating anyone.

      1. In Character vs Out of Character (IC v OOC)

        The towns and Inns are ALL designated as in character areas. This means that every post you make must be posted as your character, not the player behind the keyboard. Areas are provided for out of character interaction and these are the lounge, babel tower, the luminarium, etc. You are kindly asked not to confuse the two. If you use words like "post" or "thread", these are clearly OOC as your character has no idea that they are on a forum (unless you are meaning this: a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece [syn: agora, public square] [also: fora (pl)]). It takes a little bit more effort when you are posting, but it can save you falling foul of forum rules and from causing real life offence to other players.

      2. Role play vs Discussions

        Both of these can be IC. Role play can only ever be IC, and OOC discussions must be held in OOC areas, not in the towns or Inns. Role plays are usually a form of interactive story-telling and can cover any IC topic imaginable. These are great fun to take part in and also to read. Discussions in the Inns and Towns are also taken to be IC. These are often less "story-telling" and can be likened more to a public gathering or debate. Imagine if you will that you are standing in a public square or building and that you are contributing to an issue that is important to your character. Even here, it is possible to RP what your character is doing or even thinking, but maybe not as necessary. If you have to make things clear in a OOC manner - ie if you are describing an in-game (IG) action that you can't express IC (although I have found few to none of these that can't be RP'd) then you are asked to add a note at the end of your post and to mark it OOC. For example:
        "I found today that I was unable to leave the town to get to my home in time to vote for my new mayor, I feel very cheated and upset about this, who do I speak to?"

        (OOC: I clicked travel but I think I was overloaded and I couldn't move - is there a way of fixing this?)

        Discussions and role play can get heated and feel free to be creative in how you express your anger, disappointment, dismay, etc., but remember that it is all IC and none of these emotions are aimed at the player behind the keyboard.

      3. Can we have OOC threads in IC areas?

        This may surprise you, but yes you may. There is a catch, however, these OOC threads are ONLY allowed as a place to discuss an ongoing role play. So if you are planning a mass role play and you want to make sure that all the participants understand how the RP is going to flow - then open up a OOC companion thread to use as a discussion area for the RP. This exception is allowed so that discussion does not disrupt the flow of an RP. No other exceptions are allowed.

      We have many passionate and creative people who play RK and I want to see the kind of activity we are seeing now, and I want to see players of all ages and skills feeling that they have a reasonable chance to take part in the community we have here. It is not reasonable to assume that you will all get on with each other, and to be honest, some of the most interesting RP's involve conflict of some sort or another. The important thing to remember is that RK is a game. Games are played to be enjoyed and as a form of escapism. If any player feels they are getting stressed out or upset by a game, then my advice is to take a deep breath, step away from the keyboard and give yourself time to see things in a clearer light. If it helps, type out how something has made you feel and how you would like to respond, then once you have done that, delete it and feel happy that you got it off your chest. It doesn't matter what type of character you play, or what side of the fence you are on, it benefits no-one if someone leaves the forums or the game because they feel bullied or harassed. What good is a knight with no damsel to rescue? Why have a militia if you have no foe?

      Remember, this forum is designated as PG 13, youngsters and adults play side by side and it is up to each one of us to play together in a fun and exciting way. I will urge you all to make sure that you are aware of the forum rules (which are found in the I don't understand: FAQ, Rules and Procedures Directory - Read Before Posting), because they will help you to keep you role play exciting without causing real life offence.

      I look forward to reading all of your RP's and discussions, the rich diversity of RK is a joy to behold - lets work together to keep it that way.


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